Instruction Videos

Learning to use TAKU's cast ironware might be new to you or adjusting your way of cooking might not be easy and comfortable. Here, we provide some demonstration videos.


TAKU Image Video

To know our TAKU brand and products - how we originated, what we believe, and what our goals are.


First Use / Pre-season

Our pots and pans are pre-seasoned with 2 layers of flaxseed oil coating. Although, we recommend following this video to do another pre-seasoning before first use.


General Care

Just like all other cast iron cookware, seasoning is one major general care you should take from preventing the rust. In addition to that, we do not suggest using any detergent or cleaning agent, only washing with bristle brush and water.


Non-Stick Feature

The secret about non-stick cooking on TAKU's cookware is to preheat the pan up to hot enough temperature. Please follow this video and using the water droplet technique to get familiar with the proper heat and time frame before cooking.


Rust Care

If you do not conduct regular seasoning every time you use our cookware, the cookware may come out with some rust over time. Please follow this video to learn how to take care of the rust.


General Use For Kettles

TAKU's kettle is to boil water for drinking , brewing tea or coffee. Our technology modifies trivalent iron into ferrous iron. It makes water become alkaline (tested 8.5 pH). There is no need to season for kettles. Just make sure you heat dry after using.


Rust Care For Kettles

If you leave water in the kettle for a period of time, it will have lots of abnormal rust. If you do not heat off the moisture after using, it also will have abnormal rust. When that happens, this is the video shows you how to repair the situation.
Note: There will be small rust spots and water marks in the kettle from regular use over period of time. These small rust spots are where the iron leach out into the water.