TAKU Ironware was originated from a husband's love for his wife. Due to Mrs. Lin's health condition, the medical doctor advised using cast iron cookwares to eliminate heavy metals poisons. Therefore, Dr. Solas started to study about cast ironware, and yet he could not find any safe and reliable manufacturers on the market. So he devoted himself to create high quality ironware that is clean and safe without the heavy metals. This original idea gave life to "TAKU IRONWARE".
There is a dedicated production line for just our cast ironware. Throughout the entire production process, each station follows quality assurance as well as quality control standards. This is to ensure TAKU delivers the highest quality of cast ironware to our families and friends.



TAKU's Mission is to deliver safer products to promote healthier live style for family and friends. By providing pollution-free pig iron ore as our raw materials, we ensure our cast ironware is cleaner, purer without heavy metals.
TAKU's Vision is to share the belief that love starts from within. To love ourselves, we start by taking good care of our health. Diet is the foundation of maintaining health as well as life. Your cookware plays a major part of how your food stays natural, and how worry free you are from using your cookware.
TAKU's Belief is only when our body, mind and spirit are well balanced, we are able to reach true happiness.



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