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TAKU Ironware originated from a husband's love for his wife. Due to Mrs. Lin's health condition, her doctor advised using cast iron cookware to eliminate poisons from heavy metals. Dr. Solas started to study cast ironware, but could not find any safe and reliable manufacturers on the market. So he devoted himself to creating clean, safe, high-quality ironware without heavy metals. This idea gave life to "TAKU Ironware.”

Each piece of TAKU Ironware is created via a dedicated production line. Throughout the entire process, each station follows strict quality assurance and quality control standards to ensure TAKU delivers the very highest quality cast ironware to our families and friends.

Belief & Vision


TAKU’s mission is to deliver safer cast iron products that promote healthier lifestyles. By using pollution-free pig iron ore as our raw material, we ensure our cast ironware is cleaner and purer without heavy metals.

TAKU’s vision is to share the belief that love starts from within; by taking good care of our health, we develop self-love. A sound diet is the foundation of good health and life itself, and when your cookware is safe, cooking is worry-free, and your food keeps its natural state and flavor.

TAKU’s belief is that we are able to reach true happiness only when our mind, body, and spirit are well-balanced. 

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